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The Frontier Series: John Landrum, Vice president at Intralox

The Frontier Conference co-founder Hank Torbert talks with John Landrum, Vice President at Intralox, about the local manufacturer’s culture of innovation and what it is doing to solve its customers’ biggest problem. You are spearheading innovation at one of the most impressive companies in our region and in the sector, can you tell us about yourself and your role at Intralox? I practiced law for 10 years before joining Laitram in 1993. I had served on the board of a local nonprofit with Jay Lapeyre and that led to discussions about joining Laitram, the parent of Intralox. I was never in the legal department; I started as the leader of Laitram’s in-house advertising group, then went with the family to Amsterdam for three years where I became the European General Manager for Intralox.  European revenues then were in the neighborhood of $15 million; they are roughly 10 times that number now. When I returned to New Orleans, I had responsibility for emerging industries. Some really talented people reporting to me opened up the tiremaking industry with some breakthrough new products; it’s a major source of revenue for us now. Later, some of these people, and others, explored the logistics market (the U.S. Post Office, warehousers like Amazon and parcel companies like UPS). That business has really exploded. In 2011, I took responsibility for our global product development.